Несколько устарел, надо прошерстить

UIAA and EN Mountaineering

UIAA101 Dynamic mountaineering ropes EN 892
UIAA102 Accessory cord EN 564
UIAA103 Tape EN 565
UIAA104 Slings EN 566
UIAA105 Harnesses EN 12277
UIAA106 Helmets for mountaineers EN 12492
UIAA107 Low stretch ropes EN 1891
UIAA121 Connectors:
Type B – Base connector
Type H – HMS connector
Type K – Via ferrata connector
Type D – Directional connector
Type A – Connector for specific anchorage
Type Q – Screw gate connector
Type X – Oval connector
EN 12275
UIAA122 Pitons EN 569
UIAA123 Rock anchors EN 959
UIAA124 Chocks EN 12270
UIAA125 Frictional anchors EN 12276
UIAA126 Rope clamps EN 567
UIAA127 Pulleys EN 12278
UIAA128 Energy absorbing systems for use in via ferrata climbing EN 958
UIAA151 Ice anchors EN 568
UIAA152 Ice-tools EN 13089
UIAA153 Crampons EN 893
UIAA154 Snow anchor

EN PPE against falls from a height

EN Title
EN 341 Descender devices
EN 353-1 Guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line
EN 353-2 Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
EN 354 Lanyards
EN 355 Energy absorbers
EN 358 Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards
EN 360 Retractable type fall arresters
EN 361 Fall protection harness
EN 362 Connectors:
Classe B – Basic connectors
Classe A – Anchorage connectors
Classe T – Terminal connectors
Classe M – Multipurpose connectors
Classe Q – Screw gate connectors
EN 363 Personal fall protection systems
EN 364 Test methods
EN 365 General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging
EN 397 Industrial safety helmets
EN 795 Anchor devices:
Classe A1 – Structural anchors designed to be secured to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces
Classe A2 – Structural anchors designed to be secured to inclined roofs
Classe B – Transportable temporary anchor devices
Classe C – Anchor devices employing horizontal flexible lines
Classe D – Anchor devices employing horizontal rigid anchor rails
Classe E – Deadweight anchors for use on horizontal surfaces
EN 813 Sit harnesses
EN 1496 Rescue lifting devices
EN 1497 Rescue harnesses
EN 1498 Rescue equipment – Rescue loops
EN 1868 List of equivalent terms
EN 1891 Low stretch kernmantel ropes
EN 12841 Rope access systems:
Classe A – Rope adjustment device
Classe B – Working line ascender
Classe C – Working line descender